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Lanna was born in Cà Mau, the most Southern part of Vietnam. Her family home was surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Mekong River, rice paddies, traditional herb gardens and cattle. Growing up in such a vibrant environment with a simple Vietnamese philosophy of “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” has been the guiding influence of Lanna’s cooking since she opened her doors over twenty years ago.


At a very early age, Lanna was already fascinated with food preparation and cooking as she watched her father expertly de-bone fresh caught fish and perfectly present them on the dinner table. Lanna’s cooking pays close attention to detail and taste with the same emphasis on perfection that her father taught her. 

On a daily basis, Lanna carefully selects the freshest herbs for her dishes. A local Sydney food critic once wrote, “The secret of Lanna’s delicious dishes is a combination of fresh and fragrant produce, cooked to perfection with subtle flavours and mouth-watering sauces emitting splendid aromas.”


Tran’s Restaurant first opened its doors in Mosman in 1995 and has since won countless culinary, State and Metropolitan awards including; Best Asian Pacific Restaurant, and Best Speciality Restaurant of the Year.


As a qualified Chef, Lanna has appeared in a number of cooking demonstrations and classes at the Seafood Market, and she has also shared her skills as a Celebrity Guest Chef for local charity functions. In addition, Lanna has always felt it important to share her skills with young people and has in the past visited local schools to teach and share the art of cooking with kids. You may have also seen Chef Lanna on the Good Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia on SBS and Lifestyle channels. 

Tran's Restaurant prepares fresh, modern Vietnamese cuisine in the heart of Mosman | Australia.


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